I tinker. More than I should. 

And sometimes not enough. Right now, I resist the urge to tinker with the site's design. Should I add more pop and flare?

Probably not? Should I change the color and font a bit? Maybe make it less linear? 

I find myself tempted to tinker with the Podcast. Focusing on mental health alone adds a lot of stress and unrealistic

expectations. Maybe I can add some variety of artistry with it? But then I think, won't that mess with the uniformity?

Quandaries and dilemmas. 

Obsessions and decisions. 

Font. Weight. Color. Design.

Content. Music. Length. 

Pictures. Guests. 

I tinker and think. Tinker and think. 

But hey, at least I'm working on another novel again. That's something. 

Until I reach the moment where I tinker that as well.