Each Year and Day

I feel more distant from close friends. Spiritual brothers and sisters. Adulthood didn't quite turn out the way I figured while in college. I think back to friendships taken for granted. Sure, we have facebook and twitter but we all know it isn't the same. Missed are those cold nights chilling in the dorms-discussing philosophy and the meaning of life. Laughing as Justin created a persona for a Late Show (we filmed about 5 episodes by the way). Launch water balloons from our third floor window. Watch as Crazy Mark jumped from windowsill to windowsill (yep, still three stories up) because he locked himself out of his room. Play football at midnight in the snow. Regale other students with hardcore music during open mic night. Our singer spit water on a random guy.

I still miss grilling out on a cold October night, drinking beers while squatting over a tiny ass Coleman.

Don't get me wrong. Nothing can take away the joy my wife and children bring me. Sometimes we simply need to reminisce over good times with old friends.