Found it!

Not my sanity. At least not yet. But my phone battery. Hooray!

Those who have listened to episode 204 already know I misplaced my phone battery sometime this week or last. I had sent my phone in for the free warranty repair. It arrived with a newly installed motherboard and all it needed to boot back into my life was the battery. Alas, i could not find it.

Suffice it to say, I lost my shit. Looked every where. Hours spent digging through drawers three to four times each. No luck. No "Eureka I found it," moment. It appeared I would have no other choice than to purchase a new battery.

Well, after I recorded episode 204, I searched the wife's car. No luck. I realized I did not drive her car but in fact my own. So much for wishful thinking. Inside, not too dejected, I resigned to end the search and buy a new battery later in the week. Must have accidentally tossed it in the trash or something.

Then the silliest of ideas struck. Let's check Addison's vanity drawer. No logic. No reason. Why would it be there? Addison didn't take my stuff. That was a Colin characteristic. But you never know, Christina or my mother-in-law might have placed it there. So, I open the drawer, not expecting much.

And there it was. I laughed for ten minutes. I hadn't checked every single drawer, because logically, it should not have been in that vanity.

Trolls. Or Borrowers. Guess they exist.