Looking Too Far Ahead?

So, I basically have the entirety of the next Spiral Effect novel outlined out and ready for production. Problem? I do not feel comfortable writing just yet because of my issues with the overall plotline involving sequels down the line. So, two characters, who do not even appear in this next novel, pose a small problem with origin. Your basic Black/White, Sugar/Sweet, Science/Faith. You get the picture.

My issue: Some of the ideas feel cheesy. Unbelievable. Too comic book-esque. Cliché. Boring. Uninspired.

But if I'm not going to use these two characters in the upcoming episode (can I label novellas as episodes?) why bother with it at all?

If you have to ask then you're a real bastard. Bastard.

Kidding of course.

This is what I do when trying to establish a fictional world. Before I can ease myself into a mode of writing comfort, I need to know everything about these characters. No matter what.

It drives me mad. Mad I say!

That's it. Oh, and I'm freaking out a bit about the tooth extraction. I received more "encouraging" words from my colleagues.