We can be Bastards

A sad and unfortunate condition, but nonetheless true. I can be a bastard. You can be a bastard. At times, we all can be bastards.

Is it pride?


Sense of self-righteousness?

All three I bet.

I've noticed a trend, especially in myself, to both internalize and vocalize douche criticism toward those who disagree with us politically and religiously. I recently listened to one of Timothy Keller's podcast and the topic convicted me of this very thing I have been doing. I will be a douche to people, or say douchey things, or internalize douchey feelings because I feel superior in my beliefs and views over their own. If I truly think my ideas are the best ideas, I look at those who differ like they're stupid or something. That's the definition of being a douche.

Sad thing? Nearly everyone does it. I refrain from saying all people do it because babies can't talk yet and some children don't have it in them to behave like this.

I'll be glad when the election ends. But I can't help but wonder how long these growing divisions will last. I find myself looking at Trump Supporters and other Republicans with a harsh disdain. Evangelicals leave a shitty taste in my mouth. Some people I like fall into both of those categories. I need to stop.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

I've had to unfollow posts. Ignore overheard conversations. Close my eyes to idiotic memes. I cannot fight on the internet. No one wins on the internet.

Humility hurts to swallow but necessary to find completion. That's what I forgot. Humility and humbleness. Those two were supposed to be defining traits of a Christian. Neither I nor others exemplified that trait when vomiting our political stance.

I feel better when I realize I'm not better than anyone. When I accept it internally and show it externally. Something for all of us to consider.

Sorry if I have ever made any one of you feel shitty. That's on me.

Enjoy the evening, people.