Humilty in the Midst of Success

Success is relative in meaning. I think we can all agree on that.

Success with so on and so forth. I hit on elements of this yesterday but wanted to dig deeper today. Keller's words rooting deep--affecting my soul.

Some of us? All of us? Most? Majority? Let's narrow it down and say seventy-five percent, give or take about ten, tend to create a rather high and ostentatious horse in which to sit and look down at the peasants. I do it. Some do it to me.

I bring this up because the last people who should do this, I mean the very last, are those of us who are Christian. "Once dirty and now clean."

Hypocritical if I point the finger, I look inward. Confession. Cleansing. Freedom.

Knowledge: as I understand and learn more, I wave my knowledge dick as if it's ten feet long. "look at me! Look at me! I'm smart. I'm brilliant. Bow before my mental might." Pretentious and annoying, am I right? "Those movies suck." "That band sucks." "You should immerse yourself in good art." Douche. Douche. Douche.

I scream inward. How many times did I do this? For how long?

Finances: As my income flows like wine and bills paid on time, I think, "Wow, glad I'm not like those Cretans who waste money on frivolity." Ironic and fitting I currently find myself in financial difficult. Of my own fault.

More and more in the cyclical pride. Let me rest on these two and sink into a more humble, yet mentally healthy, state.

Until tomorrow.