Effing Messages

Texts. IM's. Facebook Messenger. Tweets. Comments.

I go crazy by the delayed response. (To be fair, I delay in responding to a message on occasion, but as with all rants, I will focus more on what pisses me off when I do not receive a response.)

Sometimes there is no response at all. Sure, we get the "excuse" an hour or days later. Thought I responded. Was out of town. Was working. I get it. But I also get how attached we are to these damned phones.

So I rant. In the end, I don't really care. But that moment of waiting (Or days later when I remembered I never received a response) I freak out and think, "Those bastards. Those bloody damn bastards."

That's not extreme, right?

Maybe it's OCD. Our type 5. Maybe type 1. But I cannot understand the lack of a quick response. Maybe it is the effect of technology on how we perceive and process information. The quickness in which we expect it.

I'll need to delve into this more. Until then...