The Brain

My fascination with the brain and all of its intricacies spans decades. The How's and Why's of our thinking. The variety of behavior within each individual. The physical structure of the brain and how each part works differently. 

I believe a Consciousness greater than our own created the Universe. Weaved the atoms and particles into motion. Birthed stars and planets. Celestial beings.

Unfortunately we cannot trace back to when man first became consciously aware of himself and environment. Records lost or destroyed. How far back? We create theories based off some findings, but we can never be one hundred percent certain--at least not with our current approach and tools. Always that hanging notion of doubt. Why oh why can we not create a machine that attaches to invisible strings and allow us to view the past. A TV show into our actual history.

I would like to study more on the physical evolution of the brain, it's current state, and where it is headed. However, anything to do with the inner workings of our body creep me the hell out. I squirm and lose feeling. I become aware of the blood flowing through my veins. My muscles weaken and I begin to laugh uncontrollably. You should see me when I have to give a vial of blood. Even digital pictures of the brain gives me the heebie jeebies.

Nevertheless, I will power through. Or at least attempt to. If any of you have theories, ideas, or interesting stories in regards to the brain, behavior, psychology, counseling, etc. hit me up. Would love to hear your ideas.