Cognitive Weight Lifting

My brain experienced electrical overload this morning.

Let me back up...

Yesterday I thought it would be good fun to begin the book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr. Really good so far. Informative and enlightening. Effing creepy as well. (You know, with all the ways technology affects us--whilst I read from a phone. Better believe my obsessive paranoia began to kick in there). And because reading on how technology affects our neurons wasn't heady enough, I decide to listen in on the All in the Mind podcast. The episode "The Story of Your Brain" was my choice and featured David Eagleman, a Neuroscientist at Baylor. Eagleman jumps right into how our brains resemble cities and I am hooked. And since everything occurs in threes, I also cattle prodded my brain into thinking of plot points for the newest Spiral Effect novel.

Now today...

All morning I have obsessed over: 

1. what technology (not the content it provides but the tech itself) does to our brain and how it changes our learning;

2. the way our brain is like a self-sustaining universe of its own and interprets the natural world (are colors real? How does God and prayer come into play with this? We can now move robotic arms and other gadgets with the use of electrodes attached to our brain. And deaf people can wear a special vest that lets them "hear" through their stomach.) So interesting I am planning on reading his four books very soon.

3. the essential plotline to a novel involving psychics (the old school use of the word meaning people with telekinesis and telepathy).

I need to take a mental break for awhile. If you have any thoughts or opinions, hit me up. Would love to hear from you.