Where is episode 204?

Good question.

I spent the better part of yesterday working on a flood of ideas for the next Spiral Effect novel. Ideas so vivid and fluid I would be an idiot to ignore. The story beckons and I obey. Furiously scribble in my notebook between long pauses of staring at nothing. I wonder how I look to the casual observer.

So...by the time I got home, played with the children, got dinner, bathed the children, wrangled the children, and put the children to bed (Wow, kids take up a lot of time) my mind had transitioned into "useless" mode.

Confession time: I spent a little bit more time working on the story. I also spent some time with the wife after she returned from singing at Celebration Recovery. Then...well, I tend to look at projects in chronological order. Beginning. Middle. End. Always an end in mind. A reason I never humor a desire or inkling to write for television. This need for an ending creates issues with my desire to work on the podcast.

A podcast resembles a radio show. No plans for an ending with a radio show. However, some podcasts create a story like narrative each season with a beginning and ending in mind. Shows like Serial and Undisclosed focus on a single narrative for an entire season.

 Delicate Wrinkles on the other hand, runs like typical radio show. I want to change and I don't want to change. Stuck in limbo on the show's direction. Back and forth I swing. A Newton's Cradle of options. Click. Clack. I scream.

I have already planned the material for episode 204. Recording will occur this weekend. So do not fret. Just a slight delay. Of course, I should have posted this yesterday afternoon. 

Enjoy the weekend, folks.