Do we acquire fame, recognition, and influence by a simple increase in visibility?

I have pondered this question the past decade. Explains my obsession with "Likes" and "Shares" of my blog, podcast, and novels. The more I receive, the more visible my material to a larger and diverse audience. Right?

It isn't a secret that the Internet allows for an increased visibility of the average person. Talented or not. Intelligent or stupid. Wise or Fool.

I think about the people who have earned notoriety due to sites like Twitter and Twitch. The man or woman involved aren't selling a product. For the most part, he or she posts pics of him or herself. Granted, the hotter the person, the more notoriety and visibility. Add in funny or  interesting posts, visibility increases more. Toss in a dash of Controversy and we're golden. You might not know these nameless people I so vaguely mention. Thousands to millions of others, however, do.

I think of peeps like Saffron Olive, a diligent writer and deck tester for the Magic the Gathering site MTGOLDFISH. College student Numothemummy who Twitch Streams MTGO matches (and lately commentates at Grand Prixes). Then the always entertaining @Edenmccoy from twitter who discusses sports and shows off her tattoos from time to time. And these are small timers (Eden has 6200 twitter followers, which is far more than my paltry 43) when compared to the more well known Pewdepie.

Things is, audiences are diverse and always will be. The internet of things allowed for that diversity to not only increase, but for the individual, whether viewer or content provider, to find his or her niche. 

Whether 1000 followers, 6200, 25000, or a million...these individuals (whether aware or not) hold power and influence. That's fascinating. Hell, look at Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matters, Donald Trump and the influence these separate individuals/groups hold on people.

So my question: how do I get in on this?