A sign?

Around 12:30 am I hopped into bed and prepared to partake in my normal routine of an hour of YouTube before passing out. 

12:31 am I realized the Wi-Fi wasn't connecting to the internet.  

12:32 Am I reset the router. 

12:33 Am I reset the modem.  

12:34-12:50 Am obsessively tried to fix the connectivity issues.  

12:51 Am I accepted the internet was down for the night. Quite impressed I relented after 16 minutes. Growth. 

I read some of Secondhand Souls by Christopher and went to sleep. Great book so far. Then again, all of his novels enthrall and amuse me.

Kind of hoping the internet goes offline tonight too. Or maybe I could work on my issues with self restraint. I wonder if youtube has any self-help videos on the subject.