My process

When writing, I have to imagine an audience of none--or one (God the Almighty--If I'm honest, and I hope to always be, making this statement causes a slight cringe, not due to faith in God, but the stigma that comes along with it. Will readers assume me to be ignorant, someone who hates on homosexuals and minorities? I hope not, because people are people and it is not my place to judge another by sexual orientation, lifestyle, or race. So how do I make a small statement of faith without having an asterisk next to it with the statement, "I don't share the same views as the fundamentalists paraded on TV," along with a paragraph as this? Guess I will need to figure it out. But onto the real topic of the post!)

So yeah, an audience of none. I ignore the sage advice of writers who have declared, "Know your audience!" For someone who dreads the opinion of others because of a debilitating view of himself, writing with other people in mind tends to cripple the process. 

I am absolutely fine with writing for an empty audience. 

Then why buy a domain and create a website for all to view, read, and listen to this blog/podcast? Because I'm a masochist? 

Not really. 

A writer wants his work read. Regardless of the fear of rejection. So, when long periods of time pass without a single post or recording, it is because I am too focused/distracted on how the audience will react. 

*Keeping it sane one second at a time.