If we don't ask...we won't know. Then we are left with our imagination and speculation. For the mentally unhealthy or disordered...this can be a wormhole into madness. Madness I say!

Example: I had a legitimate concern in regards to work and recognition for consistently "above and beyond" performance. However, I had no answer to my concern/obsessive worrying that perhaps I had done something wrong--or didn't do something right. My mind wandered into a field of shadows and hidden voices.

I received a 90% for a particular call. That had to be the reason.

I'm a guy.  Irrational, but another solid find as to why. (I experienced what some my call unfair treatment between my sister and I. How could I not assume most negative issues revolve around me being a guy and not a girl?) I have since reasoned this is an emotional response and not true. At least in this instance. And most. 

Point: my emotional feelings led me astray. Sometimes I, and I'm sure most of you, forget emotions can deceive. 

Good feels for the moment.