Format and Formula

I used to loathe these two words. Saw them as an obstruction to freedom of expression and true creativity. It wasn't until 7 years ago I realized my ADD infused ideal of randomness and impulsivity lacked the spark and direction to move me forward. 

Until this morning I never thought of using a particular form or formula for the Delicate Wrinkles blog. And I wonder why I sit, or stand, staring at the screen of my phone or laptop, wondering what the hell I should type. 

So this morning, while reading the dialectic workbook (yep, started it again and I'm already noticing results, which I will delve into later), I realized the blog needed structure. A format in which I can focus and create. Because randomness creates chaos and I cannot create in chaos. 

What will the format involve. No effing clue, yet. But I have Some ideas floating around, so I'm hopeful. 

Keeping it mentally stable