Pulled apart from all directions, schools of thought, responsibilities, ideas, ideals, and realms of reality. 

What, you didn't think the physical was it, did you?  

Life within the mind of financial worry and physical comfort creates depression. Follow this route and I dwell on debt, savings, retirement, etc. 

What is it about humanity that leads us to extremes?

So I search for balance. Most times I fail and find myself drowning in the cacophony of entertainment. Games, movies, more games! Something about digital media that creates the facade of "present mindfulness." 

I find it extremely difficult to remain mindful of the moment. My mind flips andflops, sats and skips from one idea Or feeling to the next. 

But what about the rest of you? How well do you remain balanced? Do you find it difficult or easy to remain mindful of the moment?  


Keeping it mentally stable