Humorous and Ironic

Last night I found myself playing some mtg online. Since my back was cramping up, I decided to leave the coach and sit at the table. Didn't notice my dog and trip over him. Laptop flew out of my hands and hit the edge of our windowsill. Broke not only my big toe but also the laptop screen. 

A year or so ago I would have lost it. Freaked out at the loss of a thing. (i did lose it in regard to the pain in my toe. But it hurt damn it!) A cooler head helped me realize I could plug the laptop into a monitor. Not ideal, defeats the mobile purpose of a laptop. But it beats purchasing a new one (which I can't afford). 

How many times have you, I, we lost our shit because of some thing's destruction or loss? Too many for me to count. Sadly. But it is about moving forward and making progress. I feel like last night showed me that. 

Teaches me to be more careful and watch where I'm going too.  

I have more to say on regards to letting go of materialism because this entire weekend was a bit of a nasty battle. More on that tomorrow.