A Brief Deviation

I wanted to take a minor stroll down a different path today. Don't worry, I will return to "Letting Go" here in a few days. Today, however, I wanted to write about some misconceptions in how we learn and process information.

If you didn't know, I used to teach middle school Composition, Grammar, and Literature. My last two years of teaching, I would begin the year with a handout for students to best determine their learning style. No surprise, a majority were of the oratory and visual kind. Schools have always been geared toward that crowd. The kinesthetic learners? Those poor bastards never really stood a chance now, did they?

In addition to the various learning styles, personality types exist and display a wide variance in how people think and process not only information but feelings. How we view words, sentence structure, visual stimulation. Variation abounds all around.

We differ in stress, large crowds, enjoyment, relaxation, spirituality, logic, intelligence...on and on the list goes on a spiral in an ever expanding universe. I have seen an emergence of literature detailing such facts. However, I am nevertheless perplexed by the expectations and arguments presented by the masses in regards to the views and beliefs of those different.

Have I used the word "different" too much? Or not enough?

I dread the paragraph long diatribe of one political viewpoint against another. The sentences run-on, lack cohesive thought or argument, and reek of uninspected bitterness. And yet, commenters respond with either "Amens!" or a similar argument for the other side. Granted, most of these posts on facebook fall under the category of someone venting his or her feelings/frustrations. I get that. Too many people feel unheard. Some fire torches their insides, in need of release. But do we understand them? Do they understand their readers respond, react, learn, and process information differently? Do we understand they express ideas and opinions differently?

I guess we don't. Or we refuse to accept the fact?

Why else do we expect everyone to respond, think, react the same. Yet, at the same time, proclaim individualism. It's nuts. fucking nuts. Drives me crazy half the time. Or 90 %. I have lost count.

Anyways, that's my rant. However, I do not expect all of you to understand. I do not expect all of you to want to understand. I expect some to think I'm crazy. Some normal. Some an attention whore. Others a man with too much time on his hands.

Regardless, Bless you all...

And be good to one another. When we're dead, we've lost our chance to be cool to fellow peeps.