Material Convenience

This morning I drummed upon my frontal lobe in an attempt to create a clever segue back to the topic of Materialism and Letting go. (Interesting tidbit, I used to think segue was two separate words. Segue and way.) Inspiration was not forthcoming, so I began to type out some ridiculous idea on Fiction and Nonfiction. Sheesh. Sometimes I falsely believe I need to try my damnedest to remain relevant in the eyes of an audience I have never met.  

"If I don't post--I disappear."

I hate the thought. It stems from fear. Not really of relevance, even though I make that statement often, but more so out of missing my moment. So I hold free time daily. Perhaps even selfishly.

A friend hit me with a devastating revelation today. We were on a stroll during morning break at work when he began discussing the 8 hour workday and how so much of commerce and consumerism exists around this idea of an 8 hour work day. The gist of the conversation boiled down to the idea that we accept an 8 hour workday, even though it might not be necessary for many jobs, because so many things are available and offered in the name of convenience. Restaurants. Fast food. Gas stations. Grocery Stores. Red Box. Hell, we can now order movies and music with a swipe. Downloaded to our device in a matter of seconds.

No wonder we grip the material with such ferociousness. I grasp at any opportunity to experience "Free Time." By free time, I of course mean, time for myself, by myself, with no one else. However, do I utilize it well? Resounding no. Nada. Not a chance. A shame too, really.

Within our consciousness lives a fragile ecosystem. And the older we get, the more fragile it becomes.

As I grow older, I find it more difficult to paint against the grooves and create new habits and patterns. Doesn't mean I won't try.