A Revelation

A revelation from above shocked my senses and helped me to not only see but also better understand and decipher a beneficial approach to letting go of the material.

Let go of them idols.

Seems simple enough. That is until we realize we have been holding material possessions as if they're gods who grant us all the happiness and comfort in the world. Try and let one object go and the mind begins to resist. Throws out false logic and reasoning as to why those cards, that TV, extra money in the bank, or that rib eye steak are necessary for not only a good life, but life in general. Our reality and existence depend on it.

The length in which my mind will run. Sometimes I feel as if it is another entity/entities altogether. Change a habit (whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) and it erupts into a tantrum envied by toddlers. For me, it requires divine intervention, which makes sense considering I make an idol of the material. Last year, when I decided to quit smoking for the millionth time, I realized the difficulty in killing the habit was due to my unconscious worship of the dreaded tobacco stick.  The realization produced wonderful results. Physically and spiritually. Whether you believe in the spiritual or think everything resides within the neurons of our brain, I found it beneficial to pray and meditate on the idea of whether or not I wanted cigarettes to remain an idol. My consciousness agreed worshipping a little white stick was rather silly. So, I reminded myself of what I was idolizing every time I attempted to convince myself partaking in a smoke would be just fine. I took the same approach with my addiction to porn (Internet made that way too accessible). Been over a year since partaking in either. So why, why in the world did I forget my tendency to idolize the material. Magic Cards and Television. Every pay period I tossed cash toward the nearest vendor. Any time I experienced the slightest bit of stress, turn on the tube and zombie out.

Religious or not. We idolize our toys. We idolize our money and what it can buy. How do I know? We dread the discomfort created by the lack thereof. At least I do. And I know I am not alone.

So let's cast them aside and reach for something better.