Oh, that ever going debate on whether social media is an appropriate place for debate and insightful communication. Some say yes, others no. Old codgers like myself (only 36 but a part of that unfortunate group stuck in that awkward transition of new communication methods) believe we should refrain from discussing topics such as religion and politics on social media.   Correct me if you are over thirty and disagree. 

My tune has started to change. I am currently reading a book titled, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr. Incredible book I suggest you read. Throughout the age of man we have changed our method of communication. We began with oral dictation. Then we invented the pen, writing tablet, scrolls, and paper. Instead of speaking out ideas, we began to write them down. As you can imagine, that generation stuck in the gap between had difficulty accepting it.  We then fast track to Gutenberg and the printing press. Written ideas are now mass produced. Few centuries later brings us to the type writer. Style becomes tighter. Less flawed. We can create and ponder more ideas and stories because we can type them faster than write them.

You can see where this is headed. The computer to the internet to chat rooms, Instant messenger, texting, and finally social media. News went from a kid standing on a street corner, news paper in hand, shouting the newest headline to TV to Feeds.

Perhaps, we in our thirties and older should not be quick to dismiss the discussion of religion, politics, and philosophy on social media.  Maybe we should not only embrace it but also ponder how to communicate more efficiently through this medium. Use more specific verbs and nouns to effectively communicate our ideas. Add emojis (terrible right?) into our paragraphs to show our current tone. 

Social media will stay and grow. It has no intention of leaving. At least not until the poles flip on their heads and technology goes "poof". 

So my fellow old codgers, join me in embracing the new medium. Let's figure out how to properly communicate ideas. We--people--have always used words to communicate our ideas, views, passions, and dreams. Things cannot always stay the same. At one time people thought the phone would destroy family and friendships. Dwell on that one a bit. 

Love each other