A Confession of Sorts

For years, people have perceived me as timid, compromising, and passive—resistant to all sorts of conflict.

Decades of being like that—holding in my frustrations—holding back words that should have been said but remained locked into my heart to harden—nearly led to a gun in my mouth and a bullet blowing out the back of my skull.

A little over two years ago, I said no more and accepted myself for who and what I am.



I’m a Christ Follower

I’m a husband

I’m a dad

I’m Cherokee

I’m Lebanese

I’m Irish

I’m English

I believe education is important.

I believe people should speak for what’s right and against what’s wrong.

I believe in a world unseen—greater than any country or ideology.

I believe an innate goodness dwells in man because we are God’s creation.

I believe a toxic cancer rots our souls.

I believe we have a choice.

I believe friends can tell each other to “fuck off” and hug it out later.

I believe fairness is important to a fault.

The people who piss me off the most are the same people I expect better.

I believe the US church has sold its soul to money and TV.

I believe music can help us see God

I believe we should be more transparent

I believe humor is the best medicine

I believe we should be wary of the rich and powerful

I believe we can be better

That we should be better

But it won’t happen if we willfully leave on the blinders. If we don’t listen to those bleeding hearts that cry in the night.

Lord, spare our souls from the wrath our false judgement and prejudice beget.