Remove Distractions

Late last night, around midnight, I deleted distracting apps from my phone. Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Smartnews, ESPN, Watchespn...those little goodies that hook and gut my attention. 

Social media distracts with a false sense of friendship, conversation, and discussion. Words flare in 140 characters or more, depending on your platform of choice, and glares across the screen. Who is reading? Who is responding? Do we listen? Do we care? Do we try to understand?

Or are we satisfied with the clanging of our own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, unwilling to hear the prophet God just might have placed into our lives? 

The people of Israel, often deceived, believed themselves living right until a lone figure told them otherwise. Like so many today, ears refused to hear--they followed distrustful feelings and misleading ideas from those wealthy and in control. 

With sports, I get caught up in the fanfare and intensity. Unchecked, I find myself caring too much. Over a game? Over different color shirts and mascots? I think God intended more for us. 

The news--oh the media. Propaganda from both sides to keep us in a perpetual state of outrage.  The rich bastards in control have placed us in a car with the gas pedal stuck and break lines cut. All the guilt cannot fall on them. We willfully climbed into a car with an unlicensed driver. 

God is more than we can ever know. Neither male nor female. Beyond matter and unrestricted by time. Far greater than any description on a two thousand year old page.