Social Expectation and Self Identity

November 19th marked two weeks since deleting Facebook and Twitter from my phone. As we near week four I figured I would crank out an update.

Honestly, I haven't felt this light and clear in Lord knows how long. Reading more. Writing daily. Contemplating and crafting constantly. Working on a way to remove adverbs from the English language.

I learned something about myself during this time. For some reason (probably acceptance or to feel normal) I made myself participate in what a majority of people see as normal social interaction. Talk about your day, post pictures, share stories of your crazy kids--or job--or neighbor--or who the hell ever. The urge to share this intimate aspect of myself does not exist. At least not with many people. And with those it does exist, it is not often. Ask my wife.

It does not occur to me that someone might care to see pictures of my family and our activities. I've only posted pictures/stories in the past because I've observed other people do it. I would think, "Okay, I guess that is how you are supposed to do it."

Society demands it. That is the only reason I can think of as to why I do a fourth of what I do. Keep my blog as up to date as possible. Pitch the novel when I remember. Tweet or Facebook a reminder that I am here and doing stuff. Honestly, I'd rather just be doing the stuff. If you want to read my work or participate in a conversation, give me a ring. If I do not ask you directly, to read it, I apologize because it is nothing personal. 

Now I am going to work on some more Spiral Effect...