Current Difficulty

It is difficult to ignore the current political landscape created by those who should have known better. I believe these men and women did know better, but instead of settling for a Democrat or voting third party, they sacrificed their morals and convictions to put in this used car salesman. 

Right wing media has lowered itself to ignoring any evidence of possible collusion with Russia that they insist everyone, even fellow Republicans in charge of the damn investigation, are simply out to get the man in orange. 

The name of Christ is being tossed around and mixed with the crude oil of lies, rape, molestation, greed, and theft. If it is easy to sell one's soul, how much easier is it to sell out one's country? 

The ridiculousness has become so great, that even though a voter does believe Moore fooled around with underage girls, he has to be a better candidate than any democrat. That's fucked up. If I had the choice of voting between a democrat who sexually harassed or molested someone and a Republican who, by all accounts, appears to be a man or woman of good standing, I'm damn well going to vote in the Republican. 

Enough of a rant. I had to get it out and wasn't about to post it as a short blurb on Facebook. I mean, yeah, I'll share a link to my blog, but people don't seem to place much or any effort to make a comment on a blog. If it isn't as simple as a quick/snarky response on Facebook, it must not be important. 


I also had to get this out because in Oklahoma, I am hard pressed to find another person with which I can discuss such matters. 

We walk among immortals, and yet, we find it difficult to discuss matters of importance.