Love Your Enemy

A difficult statement to not only grasp but implement. How many interpret Christ's words to suit his or her own feelings and mold it into something unrecognizable?

I've been guilty.

While I may not wish an enemy physical harm, I tend to criticize (brutally), emasculate (if a dude), belittle, insult, or condescend those I dislike. I have sat in my chair, replaying old arguments, imagining what I should have sad, hoping he or she experienced some sort of shame or feeling of stupidity. 

Not much love there. 

Just last week I remember thinking about how much I couldn't stand that Milo chap who seemed to appear all over the internet lately. Felt dumb for wasting that kind of time. That's when I started praying for guys like him and Bill Maher. If you remember, that was the same night I experienced that meltdown.

Interesting how praying and hoping the best for someone (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically) will completely change your outlook. That frustration and anger I held toward people like the ones mentioned, melted.

People. They're people. They experience fears and hatred. Depression and angst. Humiliation. Doubt. They hope. They yearn. I remembered that many times, a person acts ugly and talks ugly because that's how he or she feels on the inside.   

Only God knows the heart of man.  We haven't become telepaths yet. 

I am guilty of hating, internally and externally. The only solution is to move forward and make amends when able.