Wading out into the Deep

If you recall, in podcasts past I mentioned a system called the Enneagram. While I discussed it lightly in a few episodes (due to light study and lack of full insight--which applies even now so not much has changed there.) I have been reading more about it. Specifically, The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile. I've nearly reached the end (which is a bad move on my part since I am technically supposed to study it with Christina. The study was my idea too.) and am impressed with the accurate and detailed description of the varying types of people in the world. 

9 branches. Each branch has a wing to the left or right. Each branch leans toward another in times of stress and times of security. Each of the branches has sub branches. I love that. It doesn't categorize people in just 9 types.

Confused yet? 

Let me break it down. 

I've determined I fall on the 5 branch (Observer) with a wing to the 4. Meaning I am a five who holds four qualities too.  When I am stressed I do things an unhealthy 7 would do. When I am secure, I do things a healthy 8 would do. Levels and levels within and around the branches. Swinging like monkeys from one to the next. But when we can narrow down where each branch leads...I also swing toward 9 and 1. Peacemaker and Perfectionist. 

New revelations about myself and how I respond to life. New revelations about friends, family, frienemies, and enemies. I realized some people didn't contact or keep in touch because of who they are, how they see life, and how they deal with not only stress and security, but free time and people. 

We cannot interpret another person's motives or actions based on our own. Based on anyone, really. 

Some people don't like (or know how to) share feelings and ideas. Some people know how to fit in with everyone (and they're not being fake--even though we might think they are). Some people need to always need to move, work, exercise, play, etc. Also, some people are more healthy (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) than others. 

Benefit of the doubt. Mile in his shoes. Day at her job. A month with his kids or her parents. Only shows us a glimpse of who they are. A glimpse caught in a blink. 

I wish I could talk like this in person. Orally communicate my feelings and passions to friends and family members. But I'm a five (not an excuse) and I freeze at the thought of talking with any of you about this in person. Obviously, that is why I write. 

What about you? 

I don't do the Ennegram justice. Peeps like Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile have studied and taught it for decades. Same with Richard Rohr. Give their books a read. Reflect. Study. Talk about it (for those of you who can).