Acts and Points of Plot

I've never been a conventional writer. However, a story doesn't stand without the 5 plot points or three acts. I mean, you could try but it will probably turn out a disjointed mess. How we set up the plot and acts is a different story entirely. I'm all about experimenting with Form and Style.

Before I can fully begin writing the first draft of The Spiral Effect: The Soldier

PLOT: Noted and complete (mostly)


SCENES: Written and Revised

ACTS 1, 2, and 3: Bit of an issue there...

While I have the 3 Acts set up and somewhat organized, fully fleshing them can be difficult with this story. I mean, we are going all over the place with this man's memories, which are disjointed and unreliable (at times). So...suffice to stay it has been somewhat difficult.

But once I figure it out...

Then we will be aces.