OCD strikes back!

I try to refrain from over excitement. About any and everything.


Because I freaking obsess...

Earlier this month the masterminds at Wizards of the Coast released spoilers of cards in the upcoming Modern Masters 2017. Now you have to understand, this is a special, limited print run, set. Cost anywhere between 200 to 250 dollars.


For effing cards.

So...since I don't have that kind of walking around money, this week I decided to gather a bunch of cards I no longer use and mail them off to see if I can get enough trade credit to use for a box of Modern Masters. Monday, I gathered enough for 211 in credit and shipped it off. The next day I realized I could send more, so I gathered another 82 worth and mailed that out on Tuesday. Tuesday night to Thursday afternoon I obsessively check the USPS tracking website until the cards arrived in Seattle. If only that were the end of it. Moments later I signed into my account with the store I sent the trades and clicked refresh throughout the day until my total credit of 290 appeared on my ledger. That happened by 7:35 PM. The package had arrived at the shop by 12. So you can imagine my mentalstate for those seven plus hours.

I quickly put in my order for Modern Masters 2017 and two packs of Zendikar (MTG players will understand). It is 5:07 PM and it still hasn't left the shipping queue. How will I make it through this weekend?

I need a healthy distraction.

I need to pray.

I need to breathe.

I need to meditate.

I need to stay off my freaking phone and computer.

I'll let you guys and gals know when I receive my order.