A Lone Disciple?

As I read through some subreddits today, a disappointing fact occurred to me. U.S. Christians walk alone in faith. 
What do I mean by that?
Is this a sweeping generalization?
I ask the question because of the topics posted on the Christianity sub. A lot on the feeling nervous about going to heaven or hell. Questions about whether or not this or that is sin. Of course, each question or original post is followed by a response from a stranger. The responses are typically mixed because different denominations and Christian viewpoints exist. 
How did we get here? 
The appeal of Christianity was never the strict theology or doctrine, but the renewing of life through the Holy Spirit in Christ. 
Through Christ we finally see what God is like. That was the age-old question for the ancients. Christ showed us He wasn’t this angry, vindictive God the priests would describe. He wasn't a Lord with unrealistic expectations of duty as other priests would proclaim. 
What we should take away from Christ and the Gospels is a renewal. That God wants to bring all of Creation into Himself and perfect us. That even though creation boils with corruption and decay, a Light shines. We are to reflect it. We can only reflect it when our heart bends to the Lord. 
I'm no theologian and I prefer to refrain from debating religion. More times than not one or both sides of the debate miss the entire point, prepare a retort instead of listen, and merely provide validation for what each side already believed. 
We should stop and reflect on how quick we are to proclaim (with confidence and gusto) our own understanding of truth. Yes, we finite beings are that cocky and absurd. 
Food for thought. I hope that despite the glowing distractions of social media, we take the time to shut down our electronics and contemplate.