The Ever Internal War with Relevance

While I cannot speak for the entire population, I'm certain a great deal of you struggle with the need for acknowledgement. Size or scale depends on the individual, but if social media has taught us anything, we crave (to a degree) some sort of recognition. For each one of us it's different. Could be humor; beauty; music; art; intelligence; spirituality; wealth; family. Ton of shit from which to choose. 
Acknowledgement and recognition provides a measurement of success. If we define ourselves by these "gifts" or "talents" then the only way to know our true worth is by our measurement of success, right? 
How many nights have I wasted worrying if I am posting on Facebook enough? Updating my status and reminding all of my friends and family that I am working on a novel or posting a new piece on my website. Perhaps this temptation, the Ying to my writer's Yang was inevitable. A story teller needs his audience. A writer needs her readers. Without you, the story fails to fully form and serve its purpose. 
Comedians need laughs
Musicians need listeners
Teachers need students
Pastors need a congregation
And so on and so forth…you get the point. 
For myself, and I'm sure many others, an internal war wages. The never ending struggle over the greater focus: Content or audience. 
I've discovered that when I am at my most insecure and have not written consistently for over a month, I fall into that internal battle. My mind gravitates toward the audience and if I should make my presence known. Remind them I exist and am wonderful, creative, cool, funny, smart, and all of that other bullshit. 
The close bonds of friendship help. I've noticed the less time I spend with friends, the more I attempt to find relevance with strangers or acquaintances online.