An Inkling

Let me first preface that this is a fresh/new idea that I haven't fleshed out yet. 

So, for over a decade (long time, right) I have always been curious/intrigued at the intentional ambiguity of specific topics in the New Testament.

In acts we get, "So turn to God! Give up your sins, and you will be forgiven."

What, exactly, does that look like? Turning to God is obviously a metaphor for a plethora of various methods, but none specified with the exception of having Faith in Christ. The sins to give up differs for each individual.

Then a chapter later we get, "Only Jesus has the power to save! His name is the only one in all the world that can save anyone."

Now, some might provide a knee jerk reaction and say it's obvious he means to save us from sin, or hell. However, nothing specific follows. Perhaps Peter means "evil" or perhaps it is a dig at the Jewish idea that the Messiah would physically save them from the Romans.

Acts 8, "Philip...explained the good news about Jesus." Now, here is a perfect place to insert theology, commandments, whatever. But it is left open. Why? I am still under the impression it is intentional and here is why. After Philip explains the Gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch, the man asks to be baptized. Prior to meeting Philip, the Ethiopian had been reading from the Prophet Isaiah. 

So what inkling did I garner from reading and praying? 

The gospel is based on spiritual experience. The only time reading from the bible or listening to someone talk about it will "click" is if you are already on that path of searching for something Greater than yourself. Look at Saul who became Paul. He knew a shit ton of scripture, but it wasn't until Christ blinded him with Light that Saul changed. 

Spiritual Experience. Metaphysical moments with Christ. That is it. We don't need to berate anyone with scripture. We can refrain from pushing a political agenda. Because really, if you're a Christian, our goal should be helping people experience Christ. And reflecting on the gospels, I don't once recall Christ pushing any type of agenda like the current ones. 

The Holy Spirit convicts and guides the heart.