A Rant to Release the Chaos

Why do I see so many evangelical Christians complain about people disrespecting their beliefs, and then in the same breath, insult and belittle those with which they disagree?

Did we forget Christ’s teachings? Turn the other cheek. Take care of the orphan and widow. Christ told his own nation to respect and love the Romans who had conquered them.

Please, quit assuming all democrats or republicans are the same. We aren’t.

Please, quit assuming a dislike for Trump equates a love for Obama or Hilary. It doesn’t.

Does Trump and American Imperialism really hold more worth than Christ’s teachings?

By their fruits you shall know them.

This isn’t Christianity vs. secularism. Christ wasn’t about that. Christ teaches us the Love of God and changing hearts through the Holy Spirit.


This is no longer humorous. Christians making fun of those who don’t know Christ? All in the name of some prideful need to defend our nonexistent honor?


My mind settles with the expulsion of the swirling frustration. Those in the middle hold the weight of both sides in a near fruitless attempt to keep the world balanced.