The True King

The way George MacDonald describes Christ, and those who interact with Him, illuminates the Faith in ways I have yet to find in modern theology/spirituality. He presents Christ as the True King to humankind. This man truly was Spirit led and ahead of his time. 1800s Scotland. 

"The  men of Nazareth could have believed in Jesus as their saviour from the Romans; as their saviour from their sins they could not believe in him, for they loved their sins. The king of heaven came to offer them a share in his kingdom; but they were not poor in spirit, and the kingdom of heaven was not for them."

from Hope of the Gospel

If you get a chance, his books are available for purchase on Amazon and Ebay. I had to purchase my copies through ebay. However, if you would like to read him for free, his works are available on Google Play Books, iTunes books, and Kindle books. Very enlightening for the mind and soul.