Today's Thoughts - August 27, 2018

What happens when we deny spiritual and emotional experience? What happens to the soul when we neglect to feed it?

We are more than a body and brain.

We travel a limiting path when our goals orient around the mind and body alone.

While facts might not care about our goals or feelings, flawed humans create the facts we use to defend and attack differing points of view. Those who record, interpret, and document the data to use for facts make mistakes in judgment and calculations. Some on accident. Some on purpose.

Emotion, bias, prejudice, ignorance—these affect the smartest to the dumbest; most pious to loosest; selfless to selfish.

Me and women of:








No matter how smart or dumb, there is a problematic effect when people adhere to the foolish and misguided adage, “The Ends Justify the Means.”

We also live in a time where people readily trade in truth for validation to solidify their own beliefs and feelings.

All because we hate to be wrong…

As if humility and humbleness were a bad look.

Christ described it as a badge of honor.

The most successful attribute their rise with an ever increase in failure. The artist breaks multiple brushes. Blots out painting after painting. Trial and error. Trial and error.

The scientist blows up a garage.

The medical doctor gives herself radiation poisoning.

Errors can lead to magnificence.

God can take a wrong and make it right.

But only if I am willing to admit when I am wrong—where I made the mistake—how I could improve. No one is a perfect human. Won’t be in this life. A lot left to learn and realize. More to experience and hypothesize.

Just ask yourself one thing—are you scare of being wrong—because if so—that is your first mistake.