I am glad to have it. 

Old College Friends.

Church friends

Work mates

A wide variety of varying ethnicity, beliefs, age, education, talent, humor. Some are loud. Others quiet. Boisterous. Obnoxious. Enlightened. Frustrated. Angry. Happy. Sad. Depressed. 

Multiple friends of multiple emotions and personality. But they aren't crazy. Well, maybe a little. Insanity runs in the family--and somewhere down the line--don't we all come from the same source?

Some friends encourage. Some push. Some demand. And some are great for sharing a drink and shooting the shit. 

We may argue, fight, lash out, and punch. If we didn' much would we really love and care for each other? Those we are closest too piss us off at some point. 

As we increasingly distance ourselves from one another in the physical sense, and rely more on push notifications to inform us of how you're doing, let's step back and schedule a night to hang. Share some drinks and talk about the Cosmic Show we find ourselves spinning within.