A Challenge to Myself

We live in a world run by villainy. Look at the leaders who place pride, money, and power over the well being of any child in the world. It is enough to drive even the most optimistic of us into despair. As a follower of Christ, I always wonder about my place. I certainly do not desire, or feel any leading, to play the political game myself. I know that secular revolutions lead to unwanted deaths and destruction. Poking fun of and mocking those who defend and revere the leaders in charge only strengthens the void swallowing our souls.

Criticizing these leaders and pundits on Twitter, Facebook, or other forms of social media only fuels the ever increasing absence of love and understanding.

So…how should I react? How can I insure my soul grows in light while at the same time fighting against injustice?

I will pray. I will seek Christ. I will be more active in doing what I can to help those who need it.

And in regards to the villains in charge? Well, I will start by praying that the hardened shell around their hearts are in some way penetrated by the Holy Spirit. How effective will that be? I am not sure. I do know prayer works. It is not as fast or obvious as some might like, but that might be more to do with our current culture that is so focused on immediate gratification.

Prayers are not wishes.

Prayers are not magic wishes.

However, through prayer we learn to let go of our temporal self. We learn to open our lives to Christ and His teachings. We learn that sometimes the best way to help, is to be there for the people harmed by our greedy leaders. To sacrifice. To invite. To comfort. To give.

So, I will refrain, starting today on 1/6/2019 at 11:30 AM, from going on Twitter to argue and “own” opposition. Might as well as go outside and yell at a wall. At least then I would get some sun and fresh air.

Love to all in the world.

Love to all who follow other paths that lead them to God of all.

Love to all who disagree.

Love to all who fight to put God in a box. God is bigger than any box we could build.