Slow to Rise

Brain hurts and body aches. My lungs crystalize and burn with each breath. If I didn't know better--OPEN THINE EYES AND YOU SHALL SEE!

The last thing I remember

the last memory I hold

The last thought

the last word

the last...

Who is Alex Wonder but a dead man?

Michelle...was that her name? or was it Mary--the blessed among women. Hallowed be thy...Why did she place so much importance on that name?

Alex Wonder--just the name of a dead man.

She called him a hero. But how would she know? The hypothetical time frame of 5 to 10 years lacks logical sense.

Alex Wonder the dead man.

Was she mistaken? A liar? Did she syphon one of my own memories and pass it as her own.

The Tick-Tock Man ate our cans again.

Or worse...

Did I create you?

If crickets could chirp...

I thought--

The delicate snap of a twig and crunch of hooves into snow...what were my thoughts? Hell if I know.

A doe stands in the snow-filled clearing and stares into my eyes. She senses the genetic mutation pulsating from my frontal lobe. Men were never meant to be gods.

I know. Accept my forgiveness. I beg. Listen to my pleas. The death of a billion falls at my feet. I could have done more. Should have done more. People were not the only causalities.

She snorts a cloud of hot air. Eyes of hate glare into my heart. All that remains in me--in humanity-is an apology. Not enough. Never enough. She darts and disappears into the void.

No. Trees. Woods. Remember Remember, here I stand in the cold of December. No longer in my head tracking the souls of dead...

Who is Alex Wonder but a dead man?