The Doctor's Musings

When a man or woman first experiences psychic behavior, his or her mind creates a defensive barrier to the unknown phenomena infecting the neurons. Whether through hallucinations, blackouts, seizures, or comatose behavior--the brain attempts to fight the intrusion (A lost cause). The moment a soul exhibits signs of psychic abilities, it's too late. Every fired synapses and driven neuron increases the anomaly. This, as I have seen so far, is when the odd behavior truly begins.

Subjects have described scenarios found in Wes Craven nightmares and psychedelic drug trips. Memories meld with scenes stolen from TV and Cinema. Childhood fears materialize into reality. Terror turns real while the drab and dullness of reality drifts into a comforting dream. Consciousness will freeze in time. Then, as if shocked with a cattle prod, awaken and find itself in either a new setting or different dimension. Walls bleed the aether of another realm. Voices float without bodies. Beings lack form. Horror doesn't begin to define the experience suffered by the mind. The construct of team ceases to exist and the mind experiences eternal torment.

(Is this how religions stumbled upon hell?)

Seconds. Years. Months. Decades. Days. The ordeal encompasses Chromatic dissolution.

When...No, if the mind suffers through the trial he becomes a new creation. Baptized into the form of true man. However, an issue remains.

Who will separate the wheat from the chaff?