First Draft

I am about a quarter of the way through the first draft of The Soldier. I meant to release this a few years ago. Perhaps I was a bit too ambitious. Or maybe the other stories I wrote took more of my soul than I originally assumed. I have just recently opened myself up to resume the process with this story. I murdered my expectations because it had kept me frozen. I hyperventilated at the thought of writing about Danny and his journey from an Army Ranger to special ops into something entirely different. 

I hope you like it when I complete it. 

But at the same time--I really only care if I speak his story true. 

I must become Danny to write about him. Danny is not a mentally stable person. Danny relives a terrible past of abuse. 

So I tread carefully and write slowly. 

The yellow legal pad keeps me company. Acts as a tether between my world and Danny's. 

Until I wake up from the dream...